An Introduction of Sorts

Hello film folks!

As you’re reading this, you’re also probably quarantined at home. What a time! Anyhow, I made this blog at least two years ago and I keep meaning to actually post something of significance to set The Dark Projector on it’s path. You might be wondering, “why is this blog called ‘The Dark Projector’?” I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I felt that the title sounded cool. (That’s the main reason). The other reasoning behind the name is it reflects the nature of the films that most interest me (horror, thrillers, noir, disturbing international films, cult classics, straight-to-video schlock, etc.) and the literal image of a film projector not being used paired with my sadness of the destruction of my campus’ lovely theatre. 

So, what will happen here? To be honest, it will most likely be a mix and match of my various film interests, combined with my increasing anxiety regarding my continued dissertation work, and more. Video criticism is something that I am becoming increasingly interested in, so hopefully there will be elements of that in The Dark Projector’s future, as well.

To the film folks out there that are reading this, here’s to you. And here’s hoping that this blog will be at least of mild interest to you when it gets up and running properly. Until the next time, keep watching films that you haven’t seen before and reach outside of your comfort zone. Let’s be honest with ourselves. That’s where the best film experiences come from. 



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